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Our primary concern is to promote and support developments in the sector of biogas, and to facilitate an efficient application for a sustainable future.   
The latest research and applicability are the cornerstones of our work. We dedicate ourselves to this task both in the cradle of biogas development, in Germany, and throughout the world.
We focus is on daily practice and our global network of experts. We gladly share this wealth of experience covering two decades with you and our members.

You can also profit from our unprecedented practice-orientated training courses, independent consulting and the results of our international research projects.  
IBBK-Call for Papers - Prograss manure and digestate 2018, Conference and trade fair

Training Courses Schedule

11-13 Dezember 2017
BIOGAS #TRAINING 3rd Agro-industrial Seminar, Cape Town, South Africa
Language: English
March 2018
Course M1 (basic training on plant safety) and M3 (increase in CHP-efficiency), DE
Language: German 
5-8 February 2018
4-day course + plant visit, St. Ives, UK
Language: English
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IBBK Courses - what is what

IBBK courses aim at three different levels of biogas involvement. The three types are:
Established - Aspiring - Potential
Two decades of experience allows us to assess which help is required to elevate each level to its best potential.
For the potential biogas community, such as areas with a high emergence of biomass waste, who wish to improve, by generating energy from their biomass waste. These courses focus on revealing local potential and introducing biogas producing methods fitting the local market and prospects. Suitable for both beginners and advanced.
Course language is English.
schedule for Biogas #TRAINING
For the aspiring biogas community, like many countries in Europe, the USA and throughout the world, where biogas facilities have begun to shape the environment. These courses focus on networking and practical help to optimise plant operations, as well as introducing different feeds and new potentials for the fertiliser and biogas products. Courses include visits to first-rate plants and lab sessions.
Course language is English.
schedule for Biogas #HANDS ON
For the established biogas community, like here in Germany with more than 4000 plants in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg alone. These courses focus on local requirement for safety and regulations, as well as on refining processes for a better yield.
Course language is German.
schedule for Biogas #UPGRADE

IBBK CONSULTING – Plant Check-up & Studies

Owners/Operators of biogas plants are faced with the most varied issues. To keep track of and know what is currently required or will become important in the future, we will inform you, objectively, competently and independently.
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For existing biogas plants, we offer a plant ‘check-up’, which has been promoted in Baden-Württemberg since 2015 through the ‘Consulting.Future.Land’ programme.
get a quote for a feasibility study
For projects in planning we determine, by means of a feasibility study, whether your plans can be implemented technically, economically and organisationally.
Get a quote to determine the feasibility of your project.

Research Projects  We undertake with great commitment to work towards the continuous development and procurement of biogas knowledge. We have been following this path since the first day of our existence and are today still investing half of our activities in national and international research projects to establish biogas technology worldwide.
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Membership Join our international biogas network with more than 45,000 contacts through a membership in the GERBIO association, the German “Society for the Promotion of Sustainable Biogas and Bioenergy Use”. Profit from the many advantages and your hotline to our biogas experts. 
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