IBBK consulting for economic efficiency 

Owners/Operators of biogas plants are faced with a wide variety of issues. In order to keep an overview and to know what is currently required or will become important in the future, it is good to have competent and experienced support.  At IBBK, we are such a contact. As a private, independent biogas service provider we counsel farmers, plant owners/operators, investors and firms. We provide help for the decision as to whether a biogas plant could be a further mainstay, as well as with technical and administrative questions. 
Since 2015, we have been official biogas consultants in Baden-Württemberg and our consulting services are promoted by the “Consulting.Future.Land” programme. Get in touch with us; we are at your disposal.

Plant check-up

We offer independent consultancy for existing and planned biogas plants in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, now also promoted by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the EU.
Send us a direct online request for an appointment.
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Feasibility studies 

With the help of a feasibility study we determine whether your plans can be implemented technically, economically and organisationally – no matter whether you plan a biogas production, are considering expanding your business, or would like to examine alternative possibilities of gas utilisation, as well as if you want to get advice on how to position your plant for the future. 
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